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Okay, so they're letting Michael Bay touch the franchise again...really??! I mean, good gravy the first three weren't enough of a shot in the foot for fans, we're going to make another one? Ok?? 

I just saw on Hulu this 32 second long teaser:

From what I can tell of it, there's a family, and the daughter gets kidnapped, and the dad has to rescue her?

O. M. G. SOOO  ORIGINAL I have never seen THAT plot before. And the Deceptions killing people? I don't see any improvement in the animation, then again its hard to see the animation over the explosions. The only thing I can really tell about this movie is they are bringing in the Dinobots. 

But at the end of the trailer we see a glimpse of Optimus riding Grimlock. Anyone who knows anything about the original series knows that Grimlock is as proud as they come, there is no way in hell that Grimlock would offer rides to Optimus. And if a bot did hop a ride on Grimlock it would only be with him complaining the entire way. It looks like they're going to portray the Dinobots as simple metal beasts, which yes the original Dinobots were really simple minded, but part of their charm was that while they weren't the brightest they had serious heart, real pride, and a lot of strength. 

I'm such a huge Transformers fan. I remember when they first announced the first Transformers movie. I followed that baby with such devotion, I even joined the official Michael Bay forum for it where they were asking for input from fans about what characters they wanted to see in the show. 

Michael Bay took a great thing and made horrible movies from it. And now I can't believe they are going to ruin even more characters by involving the Dinobots. :( 

This is like the silliest thing to get upset over, a 32 second movie trailer I know, but the Transformers were such a crucial memory of my childhood. Grimlock is important to me. :(
Brainmatters Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
I know the feel. The same thing is happening to Halo series since they released Halo 4, and I'm afraid that each new game they make is just gonna get progressively worse. :P 
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